Your Websites Features

A Small part of the list of Features you get with your Website


Secure & Reliable

Donka Website servers having high physical security and power redundancy Your data will be secure with us.


Super Fast

With our ultra mordern servers and optical cables, your data will be transfered to end user in milliseconds.


Backup & Restore

backups of your Website daily. With high security on our servers to keep your website running 24/7 , we will restore your website back in case the worst was to happen.


Mobile & Tablet Friendly

We design websites to have the latest HTML5 code which helps to make your website Mobile and Tablet Friendly (Responsive).

eMail Included

All Websites accounts come with Email. This makes life easy for you to setup email accounts on PC / Laptop and mobiles.

Latest PHP

Our network runs the latest stable and secure versions of PHP & MySQL. We also implement strict security and firewall rules protecting your website from unwanted visitors 24/7.

Print Friendly

Logo & Graphics Design we do are posters, booklets, banners printing compatible.

Customer Support

We have a dedicated Online Tracking system for sales and support to help you anytime. You can also chat with us.

Social Media Integration

Website visitors are hard to win but easy to lose. Driving traffic takes a lot of time and energy. We all work hard to pull in visitors from social media & Online.

Clear Navigation

When your website has clear navigation, the flow runs more smoothly. Show your customers how easy you are to work with by incorporating the right navigation

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